Elevate Your Space With Us

Scandinavian wide plank

To install a Scandinavian style wide plank oak floor that lasts forever, you need to carefully prep the site and the wood. The subfloor must flat, clean, and dry. Moisture barriers must be installed under the subfloor.The wood planks should be stored in the room for at least a week to adjust to the humidity level. The fastening method depends on the type of subfloor and the width of the planks. 

Elegant winding stairs

Winding stairs are a complex and intricate type of installation that demand a high level of skill and patience from the installers. At Kingsway Interiors, we have the expertise and experience to handle this challenge with excellence. We pay attention to every detail and ensure that our work meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Whether you need a new flight of stairs or a renovation of an existing one, we can provide you with a flawless installation that has no gaps, no creaks, and no compromises. Trust us to transform your winding stairs into a stunning feature of your home.

Industrial Hollywood stairs

Floating and Hollywood stairs require professional craftsmanship and precision that can only be achieved off site in a well-equipped woodworking shop. There, the stair steps are carefully shaped and finished to match the color and style of the floor. The whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks, so forward planning is a must. Kingsway Interiors will guarantee that every step will be installed perfectly and securely, creating a stunning focal point for your house. 

Wall to wall levelling

A solid foundation is essential for any successful project, and flooring is no exception. Kingsway Interiors knows how to prepare the subfloor properly, so that it can support the flooring material of your choice. Whether you want wood, laminate, cork, carpet, tiles, or vinyl plank, Kingsway Interiors will make sure the subfloor is level, clean, dry, and free of any defects that could affect the installation or durability of your floor.